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How Special Moments can help you with your next Fundraiser?


We offer industry leading technology that includes a comprehensive online store capable of processing payments by Credit/Debit card or PayPal.  We also make selling easier by giving parents the ability to Fundraise-By-Text.


We offer top incentives to effectively motivate your students to make your group more money. These include: BMX Stunt Shows, MEGA Inflatable Parties, Mobile Video Game Station, Off-Campus Reward Parties (bowling, lasertag, pizza, etc.), top-notch electronics (iPads, Kindles, etc), as well as School Spirit Gear and Cash!


Our service is second to none. On-campus student kick-offs available FREE! Need help? Ask about our Red Carpet Program: money count services, tallying, order entry, and delivery handling are ALL PERFORMED BY OUR STAFF.